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John Xero (ed.)

101 Fiction December 2017

Monster and Heroes

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101 Fiction is dedicated to the drabble.
How much story can be told in a hundred words? How big a world can be evoked, how deep a mind? Can a mere hundred words contain philosophies, characters, action and more? We believe it can.
The trick with drabbles is evocation and concision. Every word has to earn its place and every word has to work a hundred times harder. A drabble has to inspire the reader's imagination: a spark to ignite flames, a seed from which a mighty oak may grow...
101 Fiction aims to deliver a story you can start and finish over a cup of tea, but one that stays with you all day.
2017’s December issue gives you stories about Monsters and Heroes. Included in the line-up is my mythological fantasy drabble Chiselled.

December 3rd, 2017