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Paper Book

Thomas Diehl

How to Sing Butterflies DX

Short Story Collection

Available in standard and DX editions

How do you sing butterflies? Who is the true Master of Man? What kind of vengeance is waiting for a retired police officer on a pleasure cruise?
This anthology collects 22 short stories by author Thomas Diehl, from micro fiction of a few words to full shorts of a few thousand. Exploring deep prehistory, our current world, and the future alike; forgotten worlds, worlds of secrets, weird and strange ones.
Includes three stories published for the first time ever (Regulatory Measures, Ghostly, and Curiosity), and four stories originally published in German, available in English for the first time (Khamel, On Wet Feet, On Black Wings, and On Stilted Legs).
This is the DX edition, including author's commentary on all stories and their creation in addition to the stories themselves. The book is also available in a standard edition containing just the stories.

August 2016